Introductory Note

This is introducing you to a funny world of business; that of mad factories, crazy inventors and so much gold! The developers at Microgaming designed this slot to feature 5 reels in addition to 50 paylines that are adjustable. In this exciting, online video slot gaming experience, there are many rewards and bonus rounds in addition to a standard jackpot. Playing the free online version can give you earnings to the tune of 61, 900 coins.

Considering graphics, Gold Factory has cartoon characters, the plot is filled with goggles, cogwheels and other Victorian era industrial themes. It has the same design and thematic concept with such games as Burning Desire and other interesting cartoon classics.

How To Play

This slot game comes with 50 paylines, 5 reels, and 3 rows. The symbol with the highest value on the reels is the factory owner dressed in fine clothes. This symbol pays 50, 000 coins on 5x. The other symbols are theguy sporting a bow tie, and the crazy factory itself.

Reasonably high payouts are also given by the submarine and the balloon ship. The low paying symbols are the stacked coins, gold bullion bars, then the mine cart.In Gold Factory, the Wild symbol is the logo icon and will replace other symbols on the reel with the exception of the Scatter Symbols. Players should note that the Wild symbol will only pay out winning combinations moving from theleft to the right.

Interesting Features

The interesting features include:

Colorful Graphics

Microgaming spared no resources in making Gold Factory very exciting and exhilarating. The graphics used in the Victorian background, goggles, and cogwheels are simply out of the world. From the wilds, Free Spins, Scatters, bonuses, etc., everything is geared towards creating a great slot game experience. The free demo is quite interesting but to get the unique blood-racing thrill of Gold Factory, try playing the real online version and try to win real money and the jackpot!

Great Storyline

The great storyline is another selling point of this game. It is the story of a mad inventor with his trusted assistant. They both enter underwater submersibles and go to the deep ocean floor to search for treasure. The thrills are heightened by the many symbols of the gold factory, gold-carrying trains, gold bars and coins, gold-filled carts, and the underwater submersibles.

The Bonus Features

In Gold factory, 2x Scatters pay out 2000 coins, 3x Scatters or more will give you no lesser than 3000 coins. Better still, they will activate the Bonus round called the Boiler Room. In this round, you will be required to select 4 out of the 12 available pump machines. Each of these comes with a hidden prize ranging from 1000 to 5000 coins. Under the Boiler Room, you can also benefit from two other bonuses. These include a Reactor bonus or a Free Spins bonus. You can navigate to another round of play when you click the pump on the right.

The Free Spins

When you are enjoying your Free Spins bonus, you have the chance of being randomly rewarded with between 10 and 35 goes for free, in addition to all wins having a 2x multiplier. It is however not possible to re-trigger the Free Spins.

The Reactor Bonus

This has been described as a bonus inside a bonus in some quarters. Winning this bonus will present 12 machine-like items that you can choose from. You will reap cash rewards hidden behind each of these items. You should be careful though as behind 2 of them are concealed the Malfunction logo which resets your play to the base game.

Bonus Plays

The Boiler Room bonus gives you 2 other bonus features.By getting about 3 or more bonus gold medallions contained on any of the 5 reels, you will automatically be directed to another screen where you have the chance to choose from any 4 of the 12 hoppersand reveal the prizes hidden behind them.

The online machine version presents the hoppers with tokens that will enable you earn Free Spins or the Reactor Bonus. With a Free Spins bonus, you will click the spin button to enjoy between 10 and 35 free spins. The Reactor room contains 12 chambers with 2 that are not functional. Your payouts are determined by how well you played and by the amount you staked.

The Real Catch

Players that have tried out Gold Factory can’t help resist the captivating nostalgic effect of the Victorian era theme and the technical superiority of the graphics designers. Coupled with 50 paylines, this game is a chart-topper.

Total Slot Gaming Fun

With all the attached bonuses and extra freebies, this online slot game is a ‘must play’.5 of the logos will make you richer by as much as 7500 coins. Winning a Scatter jackpot willmake you 10, 000 coins richer! You can get an amazing jackpot when you get the Wild symbol which is also the special logo of Gold Factory. Scatter bonuses are in gold coins.


Gold Factory has the special attributes of a great interface and other great features. 3 rounds as bonus rounds are really nice to have and will make for a very enjoyable play. They will also give you more earning advantage if you play wisely. That said, it is worth mentioning that the audio output is quite loud and may need some down-tuning for an enjoyable play. Funny enough, the factory owner’s comments have been found to be annoying by some players. All in all, adding some more multipliers will make this game a great online slot machine game!