wow-pot-slotThe most famous progressive slot machine from Microgaming is now available for you to play. Get the chance to win big with Wow Pot and enjoy bounty of features and winning strategies. I never wonder why this game became so popular and grossing in the whole world.

Players consider this poker as entertaining and rewarding with only three reels and a single payline. Moreover, it is a progressive slot that accumulates the jackpot per spin. This way, players increased their winnings up to their last bet.

Most players appreciate the low stake required to start a bet. Only 0.50 coins are necessary to get bigger chances of hitting the jackpot. Press the Spin button to spin the reels. If you prefer a more relax gaming, the Autoplay feature is available that helps you spin the game at your discretion.

Symbols like Sevens and Bars are available, which when combined and aligned gives the biggest jackpot. The poker’s simple mechanisms share a more dynamic and engaging gaming experience.

amazing-play-with-wow-potThe over-all features of the Wow Pot are exceptionally ahead of the other Australian pokie machines. Win big by multiplying your bets without exerting more effort.

I gladly recommend this video online machine to everyone as this has proven me the best it can offer. The graphics are entertaining and vibrant. Moreover, the prizes and jackpots are impressive and extravagant. My experience with this online casino is exemplifying that I embrace it whole-heartedly. My loyalty with this progressive pokie is countless.

To those beginners who want to play in a more exciting and high-paying machine, the Wow pot is here for you. It will make you WOW that you would never believe you have won the biggest price. I won the jackpot, so you do. Play now and visit