fairy-ring-slot-gameI have been diagnosed with insomnia few years back, I coped with it somehow. But it still keeps coming back now and then. Like last weekend I was on my regular schedule I got home from work, had my cigarette after dinner, watch TV for some time and then went to bed to get sleep. But there I was I couldn’t sleep, was just rolling on my bed for 3 hours. My insomnia was causing me great trouble. Thanks to god that it was Friday night so that I don’t have to worry much about the office next morning. I remembered the old days how I used to cope with this problem. With the help of some pills and by making the eyes and body more tired one could get over it.

So in order to do so, I had my pills and started to play mobile casino slot again. Since I am not a compulsive gambler, i don’t really play or bet high. I used to play it for fun and to tackle my disorder. I used to play video games too and when I got stuck I used to go for cheat codes, I did this to take control over my bank deposits. Otherwise betting can prove to be a great abyss.

So later, since I was not in mood to concentrate real high, so I decided to play a light slot game called the “fairy ring” it is a 3-line, 3-reel, and three coin slot machine game. Means there will be three spinning wheels from which you have to form your winning combination. I choose this game because of its theme. The soothing, soft and smooth animation and graphics helped me getting the sleep after one hour of playing it.

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