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However, the units themselves can be space invaders and not ideal for small kitchens. The compact and more affordable 70/30 single-door freezer fridge freezer is an option. These are about as tall as your washing machine so they’ll fit snugly under your kitchen worktop. There is not enough space inside so a 70/30 might not be the best option for a large family.

In that instance, Novuna Finance will charge you for each arrears letter sent out. If you pay your fixed monthly payment on time, this won’t be an issue. This article will help you understand more:

You’ll find fridge freezers with water dispensers, ice makers, fast freeze facilities, and frost-free options among our selection. This company will transfer the money so that it can be used to buy what is traditionally addressed through bank transfer. Choose from a great range of pay weekly fridge freezers,from an American Fridge Freezer to Under Counter Freezers at prices, sizes and shades that suit all families. Our suppliers at Whirlpool offer a range of top quality branded Hotpoint & Indesit Fridge Freezers, which you can pay for in flexible weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments.

At Foster Fridge we understand how important it is to have the best refrigeration equipment but also understand the importance of cash flow. That’s why Foster Finance introduced their 12 months interest free credit option for the complete range, excluding coldrooms. Due to this success Foster have decided to increase the finance terms, giving you the opportunity to spread the costs further still. Foster Refrigerators allow you to keep your finances in control while still having access to high-quality catering equipment. Gamko are market leaders in the design, manufacture and production of premium bar refrigeration. Fridge freezers, like all electrical appliances, are expensive to operate.

  • Once you’ve decided to go for it and make the purchase, you need to think about which one will best suit your needs.
  • Gamko are market leaders in the design, manufacture and production of premium bar refrigeration.
  • These doors look great and take up less space when they are open.
  • Also, you should consider how long these types will offer 0% interest rates without any annual fees. They could be more expensive than shorter terms due to the fact that each monthly payment is less than what was borrowed originally.

You are limited when you finance fridges and freezers. Firstly, you’re limited to choosing only from the products available in that particular store. Most stores only offer repayment periods of around 156 weeks.